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Fees and FAQS

Fees: FAQ


I offer a free 15 minute consultation via ZOOM or TEAMS or other agreed video platform. This allows us to test out if there will be any technological problems and for you to see what it is like talking in this way and if you are comfortable working with me. I can also telephone you if you prefer. This is an opportunity to ask any questions and for me to ask questions before we book in our first appointment.


Session fees vary depending on length of session and whether you have referred through a third party therapy website, therapy platform or referring directly. Third party therapy websites and therapy platforms will indicate clearly session fees, and their terms and conditions, they may also process payment on behalf of therapists. For direct referrals Contact me.

Sometimes within CBT we may need  to include someone else in a session. This will incur a £10 additional fee to the session fee.

For direct referrals. 

All fees are payable upon booking. 

Same day/next day (of booking) cancellations will not be subject to a fee, cancellations of up to 4 days' notice will be charged at half fee, cancellations with 3 days' notice or less will be charged at the full fee. If you fail to attend an appointment, this will be charged at the full fee.


Contact me to book or to ask questions.  

How many sessions will I need?

There is no straight forward answer to this. It depends on the problem we are working on as there are a suggested number of sessions based on research trials. The complexity of a given problem varies person to person. The assessment can take two sessions and then we bring the information together to come up with a treatment plan. In the NHS we typically work between 12-16 sessions for moderate severity. For milder problems and in general we should see an improvement after 6 sessions. We would certainly review your progress each session but therapy is not a quick fix.

For any questions around privacy see the privacy statement and further information about what you may need to engage with online therapy in the online therapy guidelines. 

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